Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading

Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading

Dream Interpretation Psychic Reading

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Have you had a dream you just can't forget? Do you feel your dream has meaning for you? When we dream, we are given messages from our spirit guides and friends and family on the other side. Not every dream is like this. However, when they stick with us, there is often a reason. What is your dream trying to tell you? I have been doing dream interpretation for 30 years. Dreams have many symbols and hidden messages. Find out what your spirit guides say about your dream.

This reading is done by email. I record it live as I am doing it and then send you an audio MP3 file you can play on your computer, phone, etc.

What I need for your reading with me:

  • Your dream in complete detail colors, etc, feelings
  • Any other information you feel I should know

I ask Spirit that only the people I can help contact me. So if you find yourself here, there is a reason. You are very important to me not just another client! There are reviews at my site.

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