Animal Spirit Totem Psychic Reading

Animal Spirit Totem Psychic Reading

Animal Spirit Totem Psychic Reading

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All of us have animal spirits and helpers. Sometimes they change over the course of a lifetime. They are here to help us and give us strength and other tools through the abilities they bring to the table. I feel they are very special helpers. They have a lot to teach us. When we focus in on our spirit animal, oftentimes their energy is helping us further ourselves along the road. I also feel they are protectors and can be called upon in times of need.

This reading will introduce you to the most prominent current spirit animal or totem. I will let you know why they are in your life and how to communicate better with them. Also, we will talk about the qualities that the spirit animal brings to your life and why they are with you.

Most of us do have an animal we gravitate towards and love. Our spirit animal is different. Keep an open mind and get reading for an interesting read. You can ask a question as well to your spirit animal.

This reading is done by email. I record it live as I am doing it and them send you an audio MP3 file you can play on your computer, phone, etc.

What I need for your reading with me:

  • Picture
  • 1 Question regarding your Spirit Animal
  • Any other information you feel I should know

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