Psychic Development Class

Psychic Development Class

Psychic Development Class

This is a follow up class or classes for after the reading ARE YOU PSYCHIC? You must have a psychic reading first before you order this. If you would like to continue to develop your psychic abilities, I will work with you and email you exercises that will help and any tips that I know, as well as answer any questions you may have. This will be personalized to you and your needs.

I am very flexible, so if there is something you would like to work on, please let me know. I have been teaching psychic development for over 15 years. You can take as many of these classes as you would like. Beginners to advanced are welcome. I try to make it fun! I can teach you to read as well, if that is your goal.


  • Please attach a picture of you
  • Please give your birthdate and year you were born
  • Add as many questions as you would like to ask
  • And or the areas you would like me to focus on
  • And any other information or history you feel I should know for your reading

I will do the reading as an Audio MP3 that you can play on your phone, computer, etc. It will be emailed to you within 6 business days. If you are in a rush please let me know and I will accommodate you if possible.

All readings provided are solely for entertainment purposes. The information shared by the reader should not be considered a substitute for professional, legal, or medical advice. No guarantees are made, refunds are not available, and all sales are considered final. You must be at least 18 to receive a reading.

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