Are You Psychic? Develop Your Psychic Gifts

Are You Psychic? Develop Your Psychic Gifts

Are You Psychic? Develop Your Psychic Gifts

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We are all psychic to some degree. We even use this in our everyday language. We can all develop our abilities as well. This reading will talk about the abilities you have and how to develop them further.

I have been doing readings for over 28 years and have taught psychic development classes for over 15 years. I can work with any level, from beginner to more advanced. Your reading will be recorded live and sent to you as an MP3 audio, you can listen to on your computer or phone etc. In your reading, I will give exercises and suggestions on how to develop your skills. It is pretty fun and always interesting!

What I need for your reading:

  • Picture
  • Birthdate
  • Up to 7 questions
  • And or areas you would like me to focus on
  • History and info on anything you feel will help me connect with you.
  • Please list if you have had any psychic training, or experiences that you feel are paranormal.

This reading is only available as an emailed reading sent to you as an audio MP3 File you can play on your computer, phone, etc. You will receive a lot of information.

All readings provided are solely for entertainment purposes. The information shared by the reader should not be considered a substitute for professional, legal, or medical advice. No guarantees are made, refunds are not available, and all sales are considered final. You must be at least 18 to receive a reading.

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